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July 2013   STATEMENT OF activities, QUALIFICATIONS and projects   SHGPAZ was founded since 1992 as NGO, non-governmental, independent association which operates in all area of Albania, to assist women in business through information, training, lobbying to the improvement of policy-makers, as well as to facilitate the creation of public opinion and have a status like a specific group of interest. SHGPAZ - The Professional, Business Womne and Handcrafts Association is leaded and managed by a group of women who aim to support and encourage women in their economic professional activity and thus contribute to the streghtening of economic and society emancipation in Albania. SHGPAZ is one of the oldest associations in Albania, which is known on national regional and internationally. Following the western experience, this association has conducted a range of services for Albanian women in business by organizing trade forums, B2B, fair, exhibition, seminars and conferences, TV talk shows home and abroad.                                           SHGPAZ,  has established a local network of  8 districts (Tirane,Shkoder,Durres,Lezhe,Pogradec, Fier,Vlore, Puke) which involve  women in business, handcrafters and managers. In order to be able at responding in time to the current issues and to public matters, SHGPAZ established a flexible and functional management structure by organising  a strong team of in-house experts which are indispensable on the dissemination of research results and policy recommendations.  The association use a strong PR with the media, and the website, e-mail distribution lists and SHGPAZ’s publications.   Private sector development is seen as a critical element in strengthening and broadening the base of the economy and achieving greater international competitiveness. However, many of these adjustments and reforms fail to take account of their impact on women, and often neglect to consider women—and women entrepreneurs (WE) in particular as potential contributors to economic development, the growth of the private sector development, and the creation of decent employment. The importance of micro and small enterprises (MSMEs) in social and economic development, and the need to support their viability, expansion and growth, is accepted in most countries irrespective of their stage of economic development. Women and their economic contributions are often invisible and go unrecognized in many countries, both as entrepreneurs and as workers.   Projects: PBWA has realized these projects:
  • Role of NGO in the civil society- financed by Fridrich Ebert
  • After Beijing- financed by UNDP
  • Encouragement of Women’s Participation in Election Campaign
  • Participation of Women in Decision Making - financed by ORT
  • Sensibilities Campaign for Violence Against Women- financed by CRS
  • Distribution of Humanitarian Helps to Poor Families- financed by CAFOD
  • Projects financed by PBWA 10 small projects- Library of Agricultures University; University of Skopje and Kosovo schools for diseases, travel in 20 states 
  • Organizer of two international conferences in Albania (Tirana 2007 and Durres 2009) with participation of 12 countries with 130 participants in the field of businesswomen and handcrafters. 
  Projects financed by the European Commission . 1.Promalbania-15.12.2010-15.12.2012 The overall project objective is to support women's rights in the field of entrepreneurship to be given a more active role in economic life. Women entrepreneurs PROMALBANIA-Ambassadors, led by the Association of Professional Women, Business and Artisan (SHGPAZ) in partnership NetRDA. This project includes 6 cities of Albania. Tirana, Durres, Fier, Pogrades, Copenhagen, Shkodra.   2.NeMeWea "European Network of mentors women entrepreneurs in Albania  This project is funded by the European Commission, with a 15-month term, starting from 01.09.2011 until 01.11.2012." This project stretches in 10 cities of Albania as follows: Tirana, Durres, Shkoder, Pogradec, Korce, Fier, Vlora, Gjirokaster, Kukes,Lezhe   3. Study on the ‘Barriers Encountered by Women Entrepreneurs in Albania’  5 July 2012 It is in this context that UN Women has recruited a national consultant who has been tasked to integrate a gender perspective in the 2012 National Labour Conference (NLC). To be able to undertake the requested tasks, the national consultant will need to make use of the services of the Professional, Businesswomen, and Handicraft Association, which is the only national women entrepreneurs’ organisation in Albania with available data and contacts of relevance for this study.  Tasks and Responsibilities The Professional, Businesswomen, and Handicraft Association is expected to support the national consultant in ensuring the views, needs and perspectives of women entrepreneurs from different economic sectors and areas (rural and urban) are well reflected and the gender based constraints addressed in the process and the final results of the 2012 NLC. Specifically, the Professional, Businesswomen, and Handicraft Association will support the national consultant in the following tasks: ·        Identify the women entrepreneurs that could fill out the questionnaire provided by ILO ·        Fill out the questionnaire through calls and direct meetings with women entrepreneurs ·        Fill out the questionnaire with the entrepreneurs, if asked ·        Contribute in the main findings and recommendations’ report   In performing these tasks, the Professional, Businesswomen, and Handicraft Association will work in close collaboration with the national consultant and regularly report to UN Women/Albania Country Programme Manager. Requirements   ·        Demonstrated established contacts with women entrepreneurs that encompasses rural and urban areas in Albania ·        Available technical personnel to adequately support the national consultant ·        Proven experience in undertaking similar tasks.   4. Report on the situation of “Women in Business and Management”, 1st February 2013 to 28th February 2013     5. Assessing the Environment for Women Entrepreneurship in ALBANIA- MAY 2013 Focus group meetings (how many) completed on: Governmental and private institutions as: Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Agriculture, business groups, banks and micro-credits institutions, Labor Inspectorate and National Labor Service; etc   BOD confirmed research areas on: Legislation; Banking, human rights, business association, financial support, business service structure etc.   6. Successful Rural Women” Prize 2012- organized by UN WOMEN Have won the second price Ms.Ardiana Laska and Ms.Satber Drishti Membership: PBWA is the national member of the International Business and professional Women’s Association(BPW International); WIN(Women International Network); BWN(Businesswomen Network); FIDAPA( federation Italian Donne Arti Professi oniste Affari); BIZNESALBANIA,AMEP, AMCHAM,CHCT,AFFAEME, FCEM,ILO; ICE; CIPE; ITC, UEAPME, OECD, EBRD, ect. In the year 2009-2010  the presidency of Balkan’s organization on SME, headquarter in Sofia-Bulgaria, for countries of CEE, it is accorded to PBWHA. Staff: The staff of PBWA are comprised of experts in business development, marketing, legal advocacy, economic experts on tax and fiscal issues ect.  Administrative staff   2 people Technical staff    12 people  
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